Awesome  Facebook Feeds Slider is Facebook Feed Slider which Slide from Left or Right Position on Mouse Hover. To Use this module first you have to install it. After Installation you can go to -> Extensions >> Module Manager (from top menu of Joomla Administrator)

Create a new Joomla Module or can edit the Unpublished Module Created during the installation.

Joomla Configuration (Module Settings):

1. Title: You can give it anything. Although we don't need that to be display and we'll try to put the module in Absolute Position.

2. Position: Usually Joomla have a Module Position at bottom - "debug". If you don't have it you can create this module position.

<jdoc:include type="modules" name="debug" />

Just put this code before ending the body tag.

So Module Position will be "debug".

3. Status: Obviously - Published.

Awesome Facebook Feeds Slider Configuration:

1. Facebook URL: Absolute URL of your Facebook Page.

2. Stream: Yes to Show it. No to Hide it. If you stream and facebook faces both are set to Yes then make sure the height is atleast 530px+.

3. Show Header: Yes to Display. No to Not.

4. Select an Align: Right or Left.

5. Margin Top to Bottom: Margin top from the Absolute Position of any top corner.

6. Facebook Width: Width of your facebook like box in pixel.

7. Facebook Height: Height of your facebook like box in pixel.

8. Color Scheme: Light or Dark

9. Load jQuery: This portion is important. If your site is already loading the latest jQuery you can set it off to prevent any kind of jQuery conflict. Also it can help you to prevent load the script two times.

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